Trump supporters make their method to the Capitol (pictures)

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s supporters broke the U.S. Capitol as lawmakers closed the electoral college votes that would make the 2020 presidential election results official.

Elijah Schaffer tweeted: “BREAKING: Trump supporters broke through the Capitol building, tore down four layers of security fences and are trying to occupy the overrun Federal Police.”

Hundreds of protesters gathered around the capital and pushed their way through barriers while grappling with officers in full riot gear. About 90 minutes later, police said protesters had entered the building and the doors to the house and the Senate had been locked. Shortly afterwards, the floor of the house was evacuated by police, CNN also reports.

In the photos and videos posted on social media, many of the protesters have guns. They also take selfies in the Capitol and hold flags that read “Trump is my President”.

This is a developing story.

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