Trump secretly paid attorneys after which manipulated 1/6 witnesses

Trump secretly paid Cassidy Hutchinson’s first attorney, who told her to say she didn’t remember the events of the day the Capitol was attacked.

CNN reported:

Though the committee declined to identify the individuals, CNN has learned that Stefan Passantino, Trump’s chief ethics attorney, is the attorney who allegedly advised his then-client, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson to tell the committee she didn’t recall details she did, sources familiar with the committee’s work tell CNN.

Trump’s Save America political action committee funded Passantino and his law firm Elections LLC, including paying for his representation from Hutchinson, other sources told CNN. The committee report notes that the attorney did not disclose to his client who is paying for the legal services.

Hutchinson dumped the secret Trump-funded attorney and hired her own attorney, who supported her decision to tell the truth to the committee. Hutchinson’s testimony was a bomb. She explained Trump’s demand that June 1 going to the Capitol, and his grappling with his intelligence detail.

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Committee 1/6 has referred Trump to DOJ prosecution for disability. The committee has pointed out witness manipulation by Trump since the summer.

Donald Trump used funds from his Super PAC from his donors to manipulate 1/6 Witnesses. Trump’s super PAC should also be investigated, and if campaign finance laws in the United States worked in any way, the PAC would be shut down and become another focus of the criminal investigation.

The 1/6 Committee was undeterred by Trump’s witness manipulation. They put the pieces together to paint a comprehensive picture of Donald Trump leading an insurrection to overthrow a presidential election.

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