Trump rips off RNC and Republicans are nonetheless “kissing his ring”

After costing GOP control of Congress and the White House, Trump is now costing the RNC campaign dues, and Republicans are still hugging him like he’s a demigod.

It is correct to call filthy Don Trump a Grifter; it certainly fits the definition. Trump card Not only is and has betrayed his incredibly ignorant base and left them smiling, he is now injecting the Republican National Committee (RNC) with donations and like the criminal’s ignorant base, Republicans still have smiles on their faces.

For months after the November election, Trump tried to change the outcome of the vote, “following his ignorant base with emails encouraging them to donate to what he called his campaign’s legal protection fund.” ostensibly to wage court battles to overturn the election results in his favor. As the New Your Times reported at the time, the vast majority of those donations went straight to Trump’s personal PAC. They were never intended to fight non-existent electoral fraud.

No doubt Trump’s acolytes believed they were helping their losing demigod find his way back to the White House, but personal PACs are just that: greedy plans to enrich Trump.

The thing about “leadership” PACs is that Trump can use all of the donated money to pay for personal expenses. A former Federal Election Commission (FEC) attorney Adav Noti said Trump’s Save America PAC:

“Could pay [Trump] Consultation fees for children. You could pay the other significant children’s counseling fees. You could buy Don Jr.’s book, which the campaign can’t. You could do anything with it. There is no restriction on personal use. “

It’s a perfect hoax for a Grifter Ike Trump and a dishonest but legal way to get rich at a time when he’s deeply in debt. Of course, Trump’s ignoramus base couldn’t care less, but its most recent victims, the Republican National Committee, should care, but they don’t. And they seem determined to allow the Grifter to fleece them and still support him – with smiles on their ignorant faces.

After Trump sent the RNC an injunction regarding the use of his name to raise funds, a statement released by the RNC responded by saying:

“We understand that Trump has reaffirmed this [RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel] over the weekend he approves the RNC’s current use of his name for fundraisers and other materials, including our upcoming Palm Beach donor retreat event that we look forward to seeing him attend. “

When the RNC said Palm Beach, they meant Trump’s (now) personal residence, Mar-a-Lago. The Washington Post reported:

“[The] The Republican National Committee is moving its donor withdrawal from a nearby hotel to Mar-a-Lago in the spring of next month to deliver a dinner speech that, according to Republicans involved in planning the event, will be chaired by former President Donald Trump . ”

Shortly afterwards, Trump issued his own statement telling his supporters:

“No more money for RINOS. All they do is hurt the Republican Party and our large electoral base – they will never lead us to greatness. Submit your donation to Save America PAC at We’ll bring everything back stronger than ever! “

Now you might think the GOP would be outraged that Trump is deterring not only his base but also the RNC; especially after kissing his ass and holding an event on his property. That’s not the case.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who spoke for Republicans, the man with his inlet port at Trump’s exit port, said he was “aware that Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac” but couldn’t care less.

“There is something about Trump, there is a dark side. And there is some magic. I’m just trying to use the magic. “

There are no words for this kind of statement more than when Senate minority leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell admitted that Trump was guilty of instigating an insurrection against the United States government, voted to acquit him, and then said he would absolutely support him as the 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

Look, Republicans are savage Cretans with no allegiance to America or their voters, but they’re not stupid idiots like Trump’s base. They are simply un-American cowards who fear a former game show host who allowed a pandemic to kill over half a million Americans, decimate the economy, and encourage racist fascists who are still a clear and present threat represent for the national security of the nation.

Republicans had two options to stop Trump from ruining America at home and abroad, but they didn’t and continued their unwavering support for him. Now he’s literally stealing money from the RNC and instead of saying “damn” forever, they’re trying to “use his magic”. There are no (printable) words.

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