Trump melts over potential indictment in Georgia

Donald Trump seems to be up day and night ranting about his latest obsession. His possible charges of violating Georgia electoral law.

Trump’s page on Truth Social is full of attacks on the special grand jury foreman and a late-night rant: “Just to make each of these people suffering from Trump derangement syndrome feel better, it doesn’t matter the jury foreman raged.” in the media, thereby polluting the case and making it impossible to bring it up because I did absolutely NOTHING WRONG! Two perfect election integrity phone calls, that’s it! The prosecution should go after the murderers and other violent criminals in Atlanta, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and leave honest people alone!”

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I’m sure prosecutors will leave honest people alone, which is why Fani Willis is trying to impeach Trump and his cronies, but what they may have done was the opposite of honest.
The judge presiding over the special grand jury said the foreman broke no rules with her comments to the media, so nothing was spoiled or damaged, but the failed former president’s comments suggest he will try to quash any charges by virtue of their comments.

Trump is in full meltdown mode because he finally realized he could actually face indictment in Georgia.

Criminal indictment has always been Trump’s greatest fear, and it seems closer than ever to finally becoming a reality.

Donald Trump understands this, which is why he’s up in the middle of the night both saying he did nothing wrong and trying to discredit the case against him.

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