Trump is probably the most hated model in the USA

Donald Trump’s company is the most hated brand in America. Think of the company you hate dealing with, and then realize that it’s more popular than Trump.

According to the 2023 Axios Harris Poll Reputation Ranking, the Trump Organization is the most hated brand in the United States. In second place is the bankrupt cryptocurrency FTX, followed by Fox Corporation, Twitter and Meta.

Four of these five brands have one thing in common. They either use the Republicans and the far right or have joined them.

For those who have followed the Trump Organization’s tumultuous history, this news comes as no surprise. From fraud and tax evasion allegations to a spate of bankruptcies, the Trump Organization has long been associated with controversy and scandal, but the main reason for hatred of the brand is Donald Trump himself.

The Trump Organization’s unpopularity isn’t just a problem for the company itself. It also has broader implications for the Republican Party, which has long been associated with the Trump brand.

As the most hated brand in the United States, the Trump Organization has become a liability to the Republican Party and a symbol of everything wrong with the Republican Party.

The broader message is that whoever makes friends with the Republican Party gets Trump too. Since he and his family like to say Trump is the Republican Party, and the idea that the party is nominating the head of America’s most hated brand and still isn’t clear on why it keeps losing elections, contradicts in the American language most of logic politics.

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