Trump is now dishonest folks into shopping for “freedom passes,” which he believes are higher than vaccination passes

Donald Trump is not satisfied with spreading COVID but is now selling freedom passports that he claims are better than vaccine passports.

Meet the Freedom Pass

Trump’s Liberty Pass can be yours for $ 45:

Trump’s latest political appeal for donations: Selling US $ 45 worth of “Liberty Pass” t-shirts that he says are better than vaccination cards.

Buy a Freedom Passport t-shirt and receive COVID

Buy a Donald Trump Freedom Pass t-shirt and get refused entry anywhere that requires proof of vaccination. Instead of getting a free and safe vaccine that will save your life and the lives of others, buy a t-shirt with a Freedom Pass and receive the gift that will keep you, your friends and family going to keep COVID out.

The failed former one-term president has killed 600,000 Americans in his response to the pandemic, trying to capitalize on the death and destruction it causes.

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