Tina Fey reveals that she saved a person’s life after the latest kayak accident

Tina Fey is a good person if you ever want to explore the hudson river.

The 50-year-old 30-year-old rock star appeared on the Tonight Show on Wednesday December 16, where she told the host Jimmy Fallon that she recently helped save the life of a stranger who kayaked in the Hudson and swam in the water after an accident. Scroll down to view the clip.

The incident came a few months after the coronavirus pandemic, when Tina and her family rented a house outside of New York City. The first morning they were there, Tina went outside and heard the faint sound of a person calling for help.

The Baby Mama Star said she couldn’t tell if the noise was just a bird, but she ended up calling the police. An officer yelled loudly in the direction of the noise and then went to examine the area.

“The cops take off, and a few hours later we found out it was a guy who was turning and floating a kayak in the Hudson, not an oar,” revealed Tina. “They found him a mile north in the river.”

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