TI turns into embroiled in DaBaby’s homophobic controversy, Amber Rose calls it out

While DaBaby was dragged onto social media on Monday for homophobic comments he made during his Rolling Loud set, there were still a few people on his side.

TI – grappling with its own share of controversy these days – stepped into The Shade Room in Defense of Baby, who made comments about gay fans and people living with HIV / AIDS.

You can see what baby said below:

TI argued that DaBaby was free to say what he said, just as Lil Nas X talks about his gay experience.

“If Lil Nas X can kick his shit in peace … dababy should also be #equality,” TI commented under DaBaby’s swearword.

What TI said didn’t go over well with fans, who immediately began yelling at him about the sexual allegations he and his wife Tiny face.

“TI … baby, we stopped listening to your advice a couple of allegations ago,” commented a roommate.

Others let TI know that comparing DaBaby and Lil Nas X is not the same.

“Da baby beats up / judges people. Lil Nas X expresses himself, how are they even in the same conversation? ”Said another roommate.

Then Amber Rose decided to start talking as an LGBTQ activist and ally.

“What about homophobia? You’re all so mad that @lilnasx fucking wins! Being so homophobic feels like they’re fighting something inside. That’s not equality, that’s hate. Period, ”Amber said in response to TI’s comment.

Sensing the heat of the fans, TI decided to dig deeper into his words on Instagram Live:

DaBaby eventually went to his personal IG page to explain what he said, but we can’t say that made the situation any better. Check out what he had to say below:

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