This LFG trailer will cheer you on for equal pay in soccer

Would Tiffany Haddish play pickup soccer with the US women’s team?

As this trailer aptly put it: “Equality is the ultimate goal.”

On Monday, June 14th, HBO Max released the official trailer for its highly anticipated upcoming documentary LFG – an acronym for the US women’s national soccer team’s NSFW phrase “Let’s f – king go”. While this story affects a few offices (they are known to have filed a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation for gender discrimination), HBO Max also takes the audience onto the pitch, the stage of the U.S. women’s national soccer team in their world-famous struggle for equality.

The film will also appear to offer beloved members of the team a front row seat with open one-on-one interviews. “Women are paid less” Megan Rapinoe explains in the teaser to “do the same job”.

The trailer also offers this striking statement: “Even if I’m on the US team, I have to train to make ends meet.” Jessica McDonald openly shares. “Childcare is more than my salary.”

With No doubtWith Just a Girl, which serves as background music for a montage of the team’s impressive moments, it is impossible not to inhale the large bowl of badassery these athletes serve.

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