The younger thug says he “spoke too shortly” on latest feedback on Jay-Z

Young Thug doesn’t want any problems, all of you! He recently made some very bold comments comparing his music catalog to Jay-Z’s and saying he “spoke too quickly” when he said what she was saying.

Sitting down with Gillie Da Kid on his podcast, Thugger said he has at least 30 songs people know by heart and an entire stadium could sing word for word – which he thinks Hov doesn’t. After seeing some outrage from fans, Young Thug apparently doubled his comments.

“I don’t have Jay-Z with me because of this internet shit,” he said. “I spoke too boldly, but you know what I meant.”

No, Thugger, we don’t know what you meant, but we know what you said, “We don’t talk about stream sales, we don’t talk about songs you know. When I performed, I got 30, 40 songs that the whole stadium knew. You will know these motherf ** kas. All 30 songs. “

He went on to say, “No, Kay-Z doesn’t have 30 songs. I say I know he does, but he probably got 50 of these. I’m just saying I’m not saying it literally, I’m just saying n *** as who you think you are. “

Young Thug’s music definitely shaped the industry and his fans drive for him, but not in this case or when he previously talked about why he didn’t work with Andre 3000.

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