The suspects within the Ahmaud Arbery homicide ask that Ahmaud not be labeled a “sufferer” in the course of the upcoming trial

As the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial draws nearer, murder suspects Travis and Greg McMichael have some inquiries before it all begins.

According to TMZ, the McMichael’s responsible for Ahmaud’s murder have filed new motions, including preventing prosecutors from ever referring to Ahmaud as a victim before the jury. The reason for their request is that they believe that a conclusion cannot be reached before judgment.

In the documents obtained on the website, the McMichael maintain their claim that no crime was committed. Therefore, “loaded words” such as “victim” could affect the jury from the start of the trial against them. They reportedly continued to say that they wanted to use “neutral language” because they believed they had done nothing wrong.

You have already pleaded not guilty and argued self-defense in the case.

The murder suspects have also requested that only one “in life” photo be allowed in court to depict Ahmaud, and they want him to be alone in the photo and not with family members or friends. The defense has also asked that no family member can identify him in court. They reportedly do not want family members to identify him. That way, they avoid breakouts that could affect the jury.

They also reportedly called for Black Lives Matter masks to be removed from the courtroom, for prison calls they made to be removed as useful evidence, and for Amaud’s criminal record to be admitted.

The date for the trial has yet to be set, and a judge has yet to weigh his requests.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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