The Stokes twins plead responsible to financial institution theft pranks

TO UPDATE: In an Orange County prosecutor’s release on Wednesday March 31st, YouTubers Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes plead guilty of false incarcerations and reporting of false emergencies related to two fake bank robberies in Irvine, California.

With court documents issued by E! News, the twin brothers were each sentenced to one year of formal probation, 160 hours of community service, and were sentenced to restitution. In addition, the judge ordered them not to make additional videos impersonating alleged criminal activity and to stay away from the University of California at Irvine, where they staged one of the aforementioned pranks.

Read below for more details about their charges and the alleged incidents.


It’s all fun and games until you get prosecuted.

Brothers Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes, also known as the Stokes Twins to their nearly five million YouTube subscribers, face false sentences and charges in connection with two fake bank robberies. Their popular YouTube channel often features videos of the couple playing pranks on their friends or other social media challenges.

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