The Florida Constructing Collapse Was “God’s Plan” [VIDEO]

Last week, a high rise building in Miami, Florida collapsed. The death toll for the tragedy has yet to be revealed as bodies are still being recovered. President Joe Biden nearly immediately offered help to the state and those affected.

Fox News, though, has quickly decided that the incident is a political matter. On Monday, Tomi Lahren declared the tragedy to be a “shining moment” for Florida’s GOP governor Ron DeSantis. And Tuesday afternoon, Harris Faulkner claimed that the incident was “God’s plan.”

Somehow, the Fox host connected the tragedy to Democratic calls to cut police funding. She told viewers, “You can have all the rules and the codes but you have to have enforcement behind them. And I liken that to where we are with the defund the police conversation. It’s like, yeah, you can have all these laws but law enforcement without police doesn’t really count.”

Faulkner also felt that survivors would be found despite the devastation. She continued, “This is not hope against hope at every turn. This is hope backed up by faith backed up by facts.”

Former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also took part in the segment. She  agreed that there were survivors yet to be found.

Faulkner closed the segment, “You just don’t know God’s plan.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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