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After Committee 1/6 issued a referral to the DOJ for Donald Trump to face four criminal charges, the right-wing media does not rush to defend him.

Video by Ben Collins from NBC News:

NBC’s Ben Collins reports that the right is in no rush to defend Trump after the criminal reprimands: “I’m not saying Donald Trump’s usefulness has waned in these circles, but I’m saying the number one priority is right now .”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 19, 2022

Collins said on MSNBC when asked about the right-wing media’s reaction to Trump’s criminal allegations:

There is no Donald Trump on the Infowars homepage. It’s just not there. And I will say that this is not the usual reaction in these rooms. Usually gather the troops and usually find someone to bully or attack. Not now. Even in this place called The Donald, the largest pro-Trump forum on the internet, it’s not talked about.

They don’t talk about it at all. They’re just talking about Hunter Biden and Twitter and stuff like that. I’m not saying Donald Trump’s usefulness in these circles has waned, but I’m saying the top priority right now isn’t to defend this guy.

It could be a mentality to ignore it and it will go away, but right-wing media, particularly those that support Trump, have never acted like this. No mounted resistance in defense of the former president suggests Trump is no longer the same priority as he once was.

It’s too early to suggest conservative media is moving away from Trump, but the reaction has been different. If the criminal leads inspire continued indifference, it could be a sign that it’s game over for Trump.

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