The Bachelorette reveals Tayshia’s High 2 as One Man Quits

If you thought an entire season of The Bachelorette filmed at a resort would lead to some pretty luxurious fantasy suites, surprise – it’s an RV!

Only one fantasy suite was in an RV, and it was a lovely RV that we would absolutely pay for at Airbnb, but still … it was an RV.

Today’s episode of The Bachelorette was about the time-honored tradition of sending the management and their suitors into the bedrooms and turning off the cameras while the microphones remain on so we can hear the noises of kissing. The next morning they each had to go back to the room where the other two men were hanging out and try to be shy about the night they had just spent with their mutual friend. It’s really weird when you think too much about it, but that’s what we come here for.

Another thing we come here for is drama, and at first we really thought this episode wasn’t going to have one. We were wrong about that.

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