The Atlanta Falcons are reportedly the primary NFL group to be absolutely vaccinated

After the Atlanta Falcons reported a vaccination rate of 92% a few weeks ago, they are now the first team to report a full vaccination against COVID-19.

“Every player will now enjoy the benefits of training and eating together,” said the team’s website. “You don’t have to test daily, you don’t have to wear masks in the facility, and you don’t have to go into quarantine after close contact with someone who tests positive.”

The announcement also comes after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell warned teams that games would be canceled but not postponed due to an outbreak among unvaccinated players.

“As we learned last year, if we continue to make firm commitments to adhere to our health and safety protocols and make the necessary adjustments in response to changing conditions, we can play a full season,” Goodell said in the memo.

He continued, “Although health conditions have undoubtedly improved compared to last year, we cannot be complacent or simply assume that we can play non-stop – either due to outbreaks of Covid in our clubs or outbreaks that have occurred in the larger countries occur. “Community.”

According to CBS News, all teams in the NFL have a vaccination rate of at least 75%, with 15 teams having a rate above 95%.

As the NFL is working to get all teams 100% vaccinated, it is reported that the WNBA has the most people vaccinated at a rate of 99%, while the MLB has 23 teams vaccinated at 85%.

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