Ted Cruz claims Democrats encourage violence after instigating the Capitol assault

Senator Ted Cruz alleged that Democrats were promoting rioting and violence after empowering terrorists to attack the Capitol.

Cruz tweeted:

Democrats actively promote unrest and violence.

They want to tear us apart.

“‘We have to stay on the streets,’ Waters recorded, adding that protesters need to ‘become more confrontational’ and ignore the curfew.” https://t.co/PWW7YNDbKR

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) April 18, 2021

Ted Cruz instigated the attack on the Capitol by telling Trump’s big lie and announcing that he would protest against the confirmation of the election results. Cruz took this move because he thought it would win him favor with Trump supporters and boost his 2024 presidential campaign. Trump terrorists were caught on video saying they were doing what Ted wanted by attacking the Capitol.
Every single Republican who pushed Trump’s big lie and refused to confirm the election results has encouraged violence.

Republicans consistently claim that Democrats promote violence, but it is Republicans who commit acts of violence, try to destroy democracy, and attack the Capitol to overthrow the government and keep Trump in power.

The people who are trying to tear America apart with support for mass riflemen and Jim Crow electoral laws all live in the Republican Party.

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