Tara Reade falsely accused Biden of sexual assault and has now backed away from Russia

Tara Reade falsely accused Joe Biden of sexual assault during the 2020 presidential campaign and has now announced she is moving to Russia.

Reade announced on Russian state television:

You can watch the live broadcast — perhaps not the bang Russia is hoping for, as fewer than 200 people tuned in. Reade’s allegation against Biden was aimed at the 2020 election. Is this move about supporting Ukraine or about the 2024 election? 2/https://t.co/fAJ4JQxkzY

— Capitolhunters (@capitolhunters) May 30, 2023

Russian media announce that Biden accuser Tara Reade is now in Russia. Russian spy Marina Butina helps her get citizenship. pic.twitter.com/pP9p8hRcFw

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) May 30, 2023

Reade is now in Russia where her spy buddy Marina Butina is helping her get Russian citizenship.

No credible evidence for Reade’s claim could ever be found. Unlike E. Jean Carroll, who had enough evidence to convince a jury that she had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump, the investigation into Reade’s allegation found that she was an individual with a history of bribery and other potential problems.

Reade has been popping up at pro-Russian events since the invasion of Ukraine, so her move comes as no surprise, but in case anyone thinks mentioning Tara Reade’s name would carry weight with voters and create a “level playing field.” Trump, your move to Russia should put an end to that idea.

Joe Biden has been in public life for half a century. If these dark scandals had existed, they would have surfaced long before 2020. Reade’s claim failed, as did the conspiracy theories that Jim Jordan and others are investigating in the House of Representatives.

In public, Tara Reade is what she has been for years: a Russian activist.

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