Simone Biles wins a bronze medal within the girls’s steadiness beam and receives her seventh Olympic medal

On Tuesday, Simone Biles returned to the ground to compete during the women’s balance beam, and her return to competition was definitely one for the books as she won her seventh Olympic medal.

Simone won a bronze medal after a competition on the balance beam. The addition of the medal to her collection has once again made her write history. She is now the most decorated US gymnast along with Shannon Miller. Of the seven medals that every gymnast holds, Simone has a total of four gold medals and Shannon two.

According to ESPN, Simone finished with a credit score of 14,000 after finishing third in the event.

Yahoo Sports reports that Simone spoke about her performance and said, “I was just happy to be able to perform regardless of the result. I did it for myself and was happy to be able to compete again … Training for five years and coming here and somehow being triggered and not being able to do anything was no fun. “

Simone “flawless” bile

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As we previously reported, Simone made the decision last week to retire from her team’s finals and other individual events as she focused on her mental health after the Twisties. The twisties are described as a “dangerous mind-body separation” that causes gymnasts to become disoriented during mid-air twist skills.

She was widely supported and applauded for making her mental health a priority.

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