Shahs’ Mike Shouhed goes clear over the sexting scandal

In the preview of the new episode of Shahs on Sunday, Mike reveals to his co-stars that he was not being “honest” and that he is apparently admitting the sixths.

Miked teased this week’s revelation, “With this group, we hold each other responsible for everything we do – sometimes a little extreme. In most groups, when two people have a problem in their relationship and you usually have a group of friends People are trying to make things better and to help you overcome these problems and obstacles that you have. “

He continued, “But with this group they wanted to get to the core: ‘What’s up, how did it happen? What were the details?’ They are a little pushy but that’s what I love about these guys. I just had to set the record for everything so you have to see and see how it goes, but it was just time we had a real one Conversations with each other because I was fed up with some of the nonsense that was going on and the chatter that was going on behind our backs. “

Shahs of Sunset airs on Bravo at 8pm on Sundays. Binge episodes by anytime on Peacock.

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