Sha’Carri Richardson Says She Loves Supporting Profitable Girls “It doesn’t matter what the flag is”

Sha’Carri Richardson returned to the track on Saturday to start the Prefontaine Classic Women’s 100m race. Shortly after the race, she gave an attention-grabbing interview. However, she followed up with another interview in which she showed love to the women she was up against.

In the press area, Sha’Carri spoke to other reporters and made it clear that she supports all women regardless of the flag they represent. She said, “After all, there are no excuses, not at all. It’s time to go back to the lab and do what I have to do. Congratulations to the ladies won. I love women, no matter what the flag is, no matter what brand you wear. I love successful women and I hope that they will continue to be as successful as they are and move forward in their careers … but I will definitely be successful, I will definitely continue to show the world why I am that girl. “

Sha’Carri also spoke about the importance of having faith in yourself despite setbacks, saying, “Having just that trust is what you need to believe in yourself before you expect others to believe in you. So you need to have that confidence in you and be robust, which means the world can be a lazy place. So if you don’t have it in you, if you step out into the world and know that the world is not all peaches and cream, then the world will come to you. “

Andrew Haubner, the journalist who captured the moment, also noted that she apologized for the NBC interview she gave when she was fresh off the track. He said, “She held herself accountable and apologized for the post-race interview on NBC.”

As we reported during the interview, she turned to her critics and said: “You know what I am capable of. Count me out if you want. Talk about anything you want cause I’m here to stay. I’m not ready. I’m the sixth fastest woman in this game ever! And no one can ever take that away from me. Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations to the winners, but they’re not done with me yet. “

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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