Senator Tammy Duckworth condemns Tommy Tuberville for holding troops hostage

In a recent exchange at the US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) brazenly blamed Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) for his months-long reluctance to promote in the military and stressed the damaging effects it has on ours has marines and their families. Senator Duckworth raised concerns about the absence of a commander of the Marine Corps, a position vacant for the first time in over a century due to Senator Tuberville’s actions. This move not only disrupts military leadership, but also poses a significant threat to our national security and military preparedness.

Video by Senator Duckworth:

Senator Duckworth, herself a combat veteran, served 23 years in the Reserve Forces and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. In stark contrast, Senator Tuberville has never served a day in uniform. But despite his lack of military experience, he continues to insist on imposing his personal political agenda on the Defense Department.

“Our entire military preparedness is slowly coming to a halt and it’s getting worse by the day because Senator Tuberville has introduced policy here,” Senator Duckworth said emphatically. She further clarified that the Department of Defense (DoD) charter clearly prohibits Department of Defense funding for abortions and stressed that the military will not perform abortions in this case.

Who suffers most from Senator Tuberville’s influence on military promotions? Senator Duckworth emphasized the impact on the lowest ranked soldiers, particularly the youngest women in the military and the spouses of younger male soldiers. These individuals often face the challenge of obtaining permission from their sergeants to leave their duty station and receive necessary healthcare.

“Senator Tuberville tells them, ‘I don’t care about you.’ Thank you for your service, but you cannot take care of your own health care or that of your spouse,” Senator Duckworth said, emphasizing the disregard Senator Tuberville had for military members and their families.

In addition, Senator Duckworth explained the misconceptions about the Department of Defense’s role in providing reproductive health care. The Department of Defense does not fund abortions, instead allowing military members to travel to another state if necessary to access the reproductive health care they need, be it abortions, IVF or IUDs. This flexibility is critical for those who might otherwise have limited access to such services in their assigned state.

It is important to understand the significant ramifications of Senator Tuberville’s actions. The disruptions caused by the suspension of military promotions have real consequences. Civil servants and their families face challenges, including upheavals in their education, employment and financial stability. The impact on military readiness is severe as the entire system slowly grinds to a halt.

Senator Duckworth concluded by highlighting the apparent politicization of this issue, particularly by Senator Tuberville. “If there’s anyone bringing politics to this cause, it’s Senator Tuberville fundraising,” she claimed. It is concerning that Senator Tuberville is using his disability to raise funds by capitalizing on his power over military leadership, thereby endangering the national security of the United States.

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