Run it again! Kanye West doubles its earlier file and has reportedly attracted 5.four million viewers for the second audio occasion on “DONDA”

#Roommates, despite the release date of his 10th album “DONDA”, which is still a mystery at the moment, Kanye West is breaking records and making history – while his millions of fans continue to listen to everything he does. According to new reports, Kanye West broke its own record, set just two weeks ago on Apple Music, and now has the most-watched livestream of all time, with a staggering 5.4 million viewers tune in for its second “DONDA”. Audio event.

If you remember, Kanye West hit the headlines two weeks ago when he drew 3.3 million viewers for his first “DONDA” listening event at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium on July 22, making it the most-watched Apple Music livestream of all time made. Well, it seems the only person Kanye outperforms is himself, based on new reports. According to @Billboard, Kanye’s second “DONDA” listening event, held last week, appears to have doubled its previous attendance record as his fans stuck to his flamboyant performance, bringing Kanye 5.4 million viewers the second time around. That means a total of 8.7 million people around the world tuned in to see what Ye came up with!

But that’s not all, reports also show that Kanye earned $ 7 million in revenue from personal sales of its “DONDA” merchandise. Obviously, not only did his fans come to hear the music of his as-yet-unreleased album, they also came with endless coins to spend on his merch. In addition, the Sha’Carri Richardson “Beats” commercial, which features Kanye’s new song “No Child Left Behind,” is said to have received more than 35 million views since it was released nearly a month ago.

Meanwhile, the wait for “DONDA” continues as fans become increasingly frustrated with expected and missed release dates – although Kanye himself has never confirmed when the project will be released.

Will he release the album before the end of the month or will it take longer? Nobody really knows, but his fans will definitely stay loyal.

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