Republicans have betrayed every thing fallen service members fought to guard

Chances are quite a number of Americans don’t know it’s Memorial Day more than a three-day weekend or an opportunity to eat, drink and be happy. Of course it is Day aside to remember, honor, and mourn those who died while serveing in the United States Armed forces on behalf of their country.

Many Americans believe that it is honorable to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country because of their country stands for democracy, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice so to protect these values. It is a sad comment that is made today a significant number of Americans and a major politically party that contradicts these values that so many of our friends and family died to protect them, preserve and defend.

There is liDo not doubt that a fallen soldier is magically resetoday they would not recognize America as murdered the nation they fought and died for, or a nation based on laws the principles in of the US Constitution.

For those who perished before World War II, they cannot see it The a big political party has hugd Fascism as a means of destroying democracy, but you would surely understand that Republicans represent the various foreign regimes that they have fought against and died to defeat.

It is true some of the trapn would recognize the systemic Racism that contradicts the idea of ​​equality for all created in the USA.S. Constitution, but they would probably be appalled that a political party is active perpetuate Racism as a means off seizing power. No doubt those who served in World War II would see thisThe blatant similarities between Nazi Germany and the current republican fascist movement.

You would also be stunned how to why a large faction of the conservative movement has humiliated Americans reject fascism as inherently bad and anti-American. Every American was “anti-fascist” during World War II and that certainly includes that an estimated 420,000 AmericaCans WHO made the ultimate sakrific defeat the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler and preserve American democracy.

It is almost certain that even those who have served and died over the past two decadess in the Middle East would be sick they died of defeat an I.raqi Dictator and Afghan religious regime just to see Republicans fight body and soul to implement the same anti-democratic policiesit hired by Saddam Hussein and I amrepresent the same religious tyranny as the dreaded Taliban.

When this author’s precious son-in-law returned strong deactivated fHis greatest joy and memory from Iraq was being part of an American combat force The brought democracyy to Iraqi citizens who were allowed to vote outdoors and fair elections for the first time in a generation. He still can’t understand why his brothers in arms who are not white facing Obstacles only at throw in vote or see so-called American Righteousness in his Army comrades are deported because they are ‘illegal aliens. “

Even more recently, it is certain that those who sacrificed their lives to “preserve American freedoms” have seen government use excessive force and chemicalsLawsuits against Americans guilty of nothing but exercising their right to peace in the First AmendmentThey protest against racial injustices against other Americans.This isThose who died defending America probably wouldn’t understand why an entire movement is outraged that some AmericansI’m against it Monuments in honor of Americans guilty of treasong civil war. And yes, every American guilty Wage war against the United States of America is by definition and law the guilty of treason and deserves the death penalty..

Recently, America’s fallen heroes from all wars are unlikely to be grasped Why The Republicans sat idle and then fiercely defended a tyrannical dictateor who sent his fascist subordinates to attack the American Capitol in a coup attempt Status to seize power and overthrow the legal government of the United States. You would almost certainly agree a Majority of Americans that Trump’s uprising on January 6th was “an attack on democracy” that republicans are desperately trying to pretend never happened because they are guilty of instigating the attempted overthrow of America.

Regardless of the era America’s fallen heroes lived and died in it, they would not understand why a political party and its supporters The founding fathers did not spend a small amount to embrace fascism Time and energy to keep it from ever happening. The founders might not know about fascism, but they knewThe main task in developing a new nation was to make sure that exactly what is happening today could only be prevented by a secular democratic republic that on a law of the land.

As John Stoehr Put it:

“Our Founders would have recognized what was happening to the GOP. You would obviously have described it in other words like “tyranny” and “despotism”. But they would have recognized fascism as the reason for creating a system of government that was resistant to individuals and factions who believed so literally nothing is more important than power. ”

To be honest, “our founders” created a system of government that is resistant to Individuals and political groups will being do anything for absolute power, and although it is tyranny and arbitrariness, this is what Americans experience today: nothing but fascism; something that every fallen soldier fought and died to protect himself from.

Sound engineer and trainer for SAE. Writes op / ed comments that support secular humanist concerns and expose the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for religious freedom and especially religious freedom.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

Former clergyman, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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