Republican marketing campaign of civil disobedience towards vaccination mandates completely flop

After President Biden issued some vaccination mandates, Republicans called for civil disobedience, but the campaign is not going well.

Prior to Biden’s order, the Orange County, Florida tax collector had issued a vaccination mandate.

According to WFTV: “At that time 45% of its employees were fully vaccinated. Today it is over 90%. About half a dozen people requested exemptions within days of the mandate’s entry into force, Randolph’s spokesman said. In addition, 12 have quit. “

In Chicago, only 10% of school bus drivers quit because of a vaccination mandate.

The civil disobedience and non-compliance that Republicans have called for is not happening. The troops don’t go AWOL. A small percentage of people, around 10%, still refuse to get vaccinated, but in a country where vaccination rates are still too low to stop the spread, it looks like the plan is coming from President Biden rise.

Republicans think public health protests are a good policy for them, but most Americans would rather be free from the pandemic than be free to get COVID.

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