Rep. Katie Porter is combating to make sure single dad and mom get the tax credit score they deserve

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) is working to change the Biden Stimulus bill so that single parents receive the same child tax credit as married people.

Video from Rep. Porter on MSNBC:

MP Katie Porter (D-CA) is campaigning for single parents to receive the same child tax credit as those who are married.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) February 18, 2021

Porter said:

So right now we have a proposal from the administration and the House and Senate to improve the tax credit for children. This is very important during the pandemic with distance learning and more people dealing with childcare costs. Because the proposal is currently structured, if you are a married couple you are more likely to receive a tax credit and a higher tax credit than if you are a single parent. That makes no sense.

There is no single parent discount. If so, please point this out to me. Single parents must bear all household costs. Do all of the housework and pay for all childcare or find out how to do it. The goal here is to help children. Make sure children have what they need. No child should receive more or less of this benefit based on the status of their parents’ marriage.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans and Democrats in Congress for a male-dominated body were unaware of this problem and are interested in hearing about it from Porter.

Rep. Porter is the only single parent in Congress, and changing the child tax credit she works on is why diversity is important in a legislature. Rather, a diverse Congress will understand and respond to the needs of the American people in order to make the House and Senate more representative of all Americans.

It doesn’t matter which committees Rep. Katie Porter serves. She continues to fight for all Americans.

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