Rachel Maddow exhibits how Republicans may have extra White Supremacist Home Terror blood on their fingers

Rachel Maddow put it all together and revealed how Republicans who allowed Trump to advance his big lie would create more white supremacist domestic terror.


Rachel Maddow connects the dots and shows how Republicans allowing Trump to advance the big lie will lead to more white supremacist domestic terrorism pic.twitter.com/lFJLGKd7SJ

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 18, 2021

Maddow said:

The violent breach of the US Capitol, the reports of fraud in the recent general election that provided the expandable justification for the attack on the Capitol. This is the intelligence community reporting that these things, cited, will almost certainly cause domestic violent extremists to commit more violent acts in our country this year. Pretty sure. This is from the intelligence community.

Former President Trump, however, is still grappling with this issue. Fox got him in the air last night to go on saying that he actually won the 2020 election, that there were millions of votes that were cheating. He said our Supreme Court does not have the courage to overturn elections that should have been overturned. He’s still preaching that stuff. Still stirring up. It already led to the attack on the Capitol. The director of the National Intelligence Service says today that this will almost certainly lead to more violence. He’s still pushing for it. Fox still pushes it in the air, inviting him into the air to be unspoken about it.

And Republicans and states are really just running away with the whole idea that there was some kind of indefinable, unprovable, but definitely bad fraud in the last election. You can’t prove it. They couldn’t prosecute anyone for this. There is no public evidence of this whatsoever. But they are just so concerned that they are voting back more aggressively than in more than a generation. No matter that every time their theories and feelings and vague allegations about this stuff, every time those feelings are put to the test, it’s just a disaster for them.

Trump’s big lie, accepted as a gospel by the Republican Party, fuels white supremacist domestic terrorists. Fox News gives Trump the platform. Trump throws gasoline on the fire, and Republicans ignite the flames by displacing the big lie as fact.

The Republicans could have ended this cycle immediately. They could have prevented the attack on the Capitol by exposing and denying the big lie that Trump stole the election. Instead of refusing it, they gave it the oxygen it needed to grow. So if white supremacists attack the United States again, the innocent blood that spills will be in Republican hands.

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