Queen Naija responds after Chris Sails claims he was not invited to her son’s kindergarten commencement

Chris Sails and Queen Naija’s relationship has been rocky, and while they’ve both started new families, they just don’t seem to be getting on the same page when it comes to their son, CJ. At this point, the two were working on parenting together, but it looks like Queen is fed up with Chris’ recent claims on social media.

If you know Chris Sails, you know he’s always ready to share his side of the story with his fans on Instagram, and that hasn’t changed on Friday afternoon. After fans noticed he wasn’t posting photos of CJ’s graduation, Chris responded to a comment claiming he wasn’t invited.

“I didn’t get an invitation,” he replied to a woman who asked about his absence. “I didn’t even know he was graduating today. It’s messed up. “

Chris’s comment quickly circulated, and Queen Naija had a few words of her own about her child’s father.

“Here we go again …”, Queen commented. “Chris cannot leave Houston. He said this many times after I asked him to come to Atlanta. Besides, he just managed to call me a wretched kid. We don’t have a “casual” warm relationship with either parent after trying to have one … WHY would I invite him if I know he can’t attend? “

Queen went on to explain that she was also dealing with her sick son Legend and was not thinking of informing Chris about the ceremony.

“I also faced a sick 2-year-old with a high fever. Why should I think of anything else?” She wrote. “If we don’t speak regularly, I don’t think about calling anyone for a 20-minute kindergarten graduation. You’re killing me, boo. Stuff I’m sick of everyone. “

Queen also let out a few tweets about being in her personal business, and her husband Clarence, in some of her own words, wasn’t far behind.

“Never stumble out of your position and let another n * gga raise your son,” Clarence tweeted. “You can’t call anyone from * tch & h * e or do disrespectful sh * t all the time and then expect a call that says ‘your son / nephew graduation tomorrow’, that’s not how life works and … instead of it about yourself do what yah always do. You should be glad he has a mother who took care of his education and got him to this point because neither of you are willing to lay aside to make sure he is straight and showing it off. “

Chris hasn’t replied since his first post, but we’ll keep you posted, Roomies!

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