Princess Diana’s doomed marriage was handled musically: Why?

This line pretty much sums up the show’s literal approach, with each plot point in bold: The paparazzi who actually have one of the best song-and-dance numbers “Snap, Click” are all wearing trench coats, just in case that you couldn’t tell that they were bad. Diana’s riding instructor became a lover, a cavalry officer James Hewitt, is first introduced on a raised saddle and wears only skin-tight breeches. At one point, two beds are rolled out to reassure us that extramarital duels are taking place.

Since the staging is nothing special, especially when we have The Crown to admire, Netflix may be the ideal medium to experience the production so you can see the star Jeanna de Waal, nails Diana’s famous head tilt up close. The lyrics may fluctuate between wisdom and corn, but her eyes – which alternately radiate joy, heartbreak, and malice – speak volumes.

Although there is no question who we should be angry with here, the book of Joe DiPietrowho wrote the lyrics together with the composer David BryanShe is not afraid of Diana’s manipulative side.

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