Prince William and Kate Middleton debut Royal Household Christmas card

It’s the season for a new royal Christmas card – and that of Prince William and Kate Middleton shows how grown up her three children are Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5 and Prince Louie, 2, it really is.

The new picture was taken by the photographer Matt Porteous in Notes Hall, the family home in Norfolk. The couple, dressed in cozy autumn sweaters, sat with their children on their laps in front of a pile of firewood. Prince Louie looks laughing in the middle of the photo.

The couple shared the photo on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge official Instagram account and wrote, “The Duke and Duchess are excited to share a new picture of their family that is featured on their Christmas card this year.”

Fans raved about the cute family photo in the comment section and wrote, “Oh, that’s so cute. Merry Christmas to the Cambridge family.”

Another added, “I can’t believe how big the kids have gotten, they’re so cute.”

A third shared Louis’ delightful smile: “Looks like Louis has the Christmas spirit for everyone.”

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