Phrases launched by Bobby Shmurda parole can’t drink alcohol or go to bars till 2026

TSR Updatez: It’s no secret that Bobby Shmurda has to tighten now that he’s on parole, but the terms for his early release were recently made public and Man-o-Man doesn’t seem to be making it easy for him.

The beloved rapper can still make music, but he may have to give up the rap star lifestyle if he doesn’t want to go to jail. Under probation supervision, according to TMZ, he is not allowed to drink alcohol, use any substances or hang out in bars or with gangs until February 23, 2026.

The news agency received the documents related to Bobby’s parole and it appears that special conditions such as a curfew at 8 p.m. apply. Bobby will also have to undergo substance abuse tests, which is pretty normal, and he will need to seek advice about aggression and anger.

He also needs to find and maintain employment, but it’s pretty obvious that part is already figured out.

Bobby’s much anticipated release from prison came literally a month ago. The New York rapper spent a little over five years behind bars.

Bobby was initially sentenced to seven years in prison for conspiracy over possession of guns and a gun.

His sound has been missed in the rap landscape as he is considered one of the first Brooklyn drill rappers in America. However, since he stayed behind bars, his loyal fans never gave up hope of Bobby’s early release.

Despite some hiccups in prison, including fighting and drug possession, Bobby was able to get off parole.

His goals are to keep making music and get his high school GED. He was also pretty adamant about not going back to jail, saying he would be “fair skin in Jamaica” before returning.

We hear you, Bobby, and we really hope his path to success continues.

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