Parker McKenna Posey Opens Up About Studying Herself After Turning into A Mom

Roommates, we recently reported that Parker McKenna Posey is a new mommy to a baby girl named Harley. The actress kept her pregnancy under wraps and made the announcement on Instagram back in May. Like most new mothers, Parker has seemingly had her moments of coming to terms with her new life. On Thursday, the actress took to Instagram to share details about restoring her confidence post-birth.

Parker shared that prior to a Miami trip, she felt insecure about “being in anyone’s damn swimsuit.” She found herself drawing comparisons between herself and others while “not feeling” herself. Parker also shared that she’d only experienced this feeling one other time in her life. However, the moment helped her reflect on the newness of parenthood.

“This is new for me… then I realized YES!!! This is all freaking new to me,” Parker wrote in a lengthy caption. “I’m a new mom. In a whole new space! A WORKING MOM. A bad a** woman!!!!”

She continued on to speak about learning herself and fostering self-love.

I have to learn my body all over again & learn to love this new woman I have become,” Parker wrote. “I read recently self love isn’t a destination, it’s a journey!!!!!!”

Parker posted five photos to accompany the insightful caption. In this photos, she’s wearing a multi-print, one-piece swimsuit. She’s seen posing in what appears to be the doorway of a bathroom. Her hair is styled in long, blonde and dark brown cornrows.

Parker also expressed her thankfulness for her body and the journey it has experienced.

“All I know is this body birthed an 8 1/2 pound baby NATURALLY,” Parker wrote. “I’m thankful for it & thankful for all the shapes & sizes I’ve been.. none of that will ever take away the fact that I’m the f****** s***!!!!!!!!”

On Friday, Parker posted a follow-up to her initial message. The new post seemingly targeted people who allegedly criticized the actress about the way her body looked in the swimsuit photos.

“By no means am I EVER fishing for compliments,” Parker wrote. “But more importantly I don’t EVER want to hurt anyone while I’m sharing my journey…To me it doesn’t matter how many people tell me “how good I look” it matters how I FEEL about myself.”

Parker also shared she feels love and joy everyday from motherhood, but that those feelings don’t take away from being “Parker first.” Additionally, she spoke about how the body changes during and after pregnancy.

“…though you may not see through pictures, videos, filters & boomerangs what I see or understand how I feel… it’s MY TRUTH,” Parker wrote. “I’m very rarely super open on IG because of s*** like this. But I wanted to be transparent & let you know we ALL have insecurities, no matter what it looks like on IG, no ones perfect or feels perfect 24-7.”

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