Netflix investigates Malaysian Flight 370 conspiracy theories in New Doc

This unsolved mystery is about to take off.

On February 15, Netflix released the trailer for its upcoming documentary about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which went missing en route from Malaysia to China in 2014, along with 239 people on board.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, which premieres March 8, will examine the remaining evidence and the conspiracy theories spurred by the mystery over the past nine years – including an in-depth look at hijacking theories, allegedly suspicious cargo, the home flight simulator of the Pilots and more allegations of “planted” debris after possible remains were found on an Indian Ocean island in 2016.

A person interviewed for the Netflix project called the disappearance a “tear in the fabric of reality,” stating, “Never in history have 239 people been pronounced dead on the basis of math alone.”

In 2016, a report released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said analysis of satellite communications and debris indicated the plane crashed into the water at a “high and increasing rate of descent,” per NBC News. At the time, the organization said it could not be sure if anyone was in control of the plane when it disappeared.

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