Ne-Yo suggests remarrying Crystal Smith after they cut up earlier this yr (video)

Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith have been on a journey of love and romance since the couple decided to take breaks from their divorce.

After four years of marriage, Ne-Yo decided that he wanted to do it all over again.

Shortly after the clock struck midnight, Ne-Yo crowned his New Year celebration by asking Crystal the big question and handing her a nice-sized stone to accompany the gesture.

He recorded his second suggestion to Crystal Smith in an 8-minute video. They seemed to be surrounded by loved ones when he asked for their hand in marriage.

“I love you. I’ve decided, we’ve decided this is ours forever, okay?” He asked Crystal on the video.

He continued, “Okay, with that said, you need to know that there is nowhere else on the planet that I would rather be. There is no one on the planet I would rather be with. With that said, Crystal Renee Smith, will you marry me again? He said as he fell to one knee.

He followed the gesture by showing her large stone to the camera as she leaned over to hug him.

It’s quite a turnaround from where the couple was a few months ago. Back in February 2020, Ne-Yo confirmed that he and Crystal were divorcing, but things began to move towards reunification when the couple admitted they were quarantined together during the pandemic.

This time together must have helped rekindle the flame, because next, Ne-Yo withdrew the divorce papers.

We are here for all that love in the New Year and we congratulate Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith again!

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