Ne-Yo and estranged spouse, Crystal Smith, hang around throughout quarantine amid a divorce

Roommate, we previously reported that Ne-Yo has confirmed he is divorcing his wife, Crystal Smith, but it looks like the quarantine period has put this on hiatus.

In an Instagram post, Crystal posted a message that read:

“Sidechicks .. everything ok? You miss this woman’s husband, huh? “

Welp, a follower asked if she missed her husband (Ne-Yo). Crystal announced that he was actually home.

“He’s at home (insert emoji with a straight face).”

When she revealed that they were hanging out together, many of her followers gave her applause, saying they hope she makes it through.

In an interview with Private Talk Podcast, the R&B singer and songwriter stated she was a good woman, but her demons didn’t work together.

“It is slowly but surely becoming public that my wife and I have decided to get a divorce,” said Ne-Yo Said.

He went on

“It’s not a sad thing. It’s more of us that we realize … long story short, I’ll never speak badly of her. I’m not that person, he exclaimed. There is nothing bad to say about them. She is a fantastic woman. She is the mother of my children and she will always be. “

After the divorce was confirmed, Crystal was spotted with Ryan Henry of the Chicago Black Ink Crew, leading Al Gore’s Innanet to wonder what was really going on between the two.

While facing backlash after getting married, many suspect that Ne-Yo cheated on his former fiancée and mother of his oldest children, Monyetta Shaw. However, the two went on “The Real” and cleared up the seemingly overlapping relationship.

Monyetta explained, “It was in a year, but what confused everyone I think we were still living together,” she said. “We lived in the same house even though he was out and about a lot, so we didn’t really feel it. I think the world was confused about it. “

Crystal added, “I think it was the timing. She was on a show. Their show had just come out at the time we were just getting together. So the confusion is in the timing, she said. “So for me it was like, it hurt. I have morals, I have standards, and I would never do anything like that. So it hurts, but at the same time you fight for love and do what you have to do. “

Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith also share two sons.

Roommate, what do you think of this situation?

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