Mitch McConnell has tantrums and calls it completely inappropriate to spend cash to assist individuals

Speaking to business leaders in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell said it was totally inappropriate for the government to spend money on Biden’s priorities to help the people.

Via: The Bowling Green Daily News:

The meeting with economic and government leaders on Thursday in Bowling Green reinforced US Senator Mitch McConnell’s belief that the 2022 midterm elections will be crucial for the country.

The Kentucky Republican railed against spending proposals he called “totally inappropriate,” saying the Democrats now have control of the White House and are narrowly “playing Russian roulette with the country’s economy” in the House and Senate. .

Mitch McConnell believes it is appropriate to distribute trillions of taxpayers’ money to the rich and corporations through the Trump tax cuts, but it is inappropriate to create jobs to tackle the climate crisis, help people with childcare, or provide money to care for ours Seniors and citizens with serious health problems

McConnell made his views known. He declined an additional round of pandemic stimulus checks. He opposed the expansion of unemployment.

As for Democratic policies that harm the economy, nothing could be further from the truth. The June job report showed that the economy is booming and Biden is overseeing the largest economic expansion since 1984.

Mitch McConnell is wrong about everything, which is why he should never be the Senate majority leader again.

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