Mike Caussin displays on Stumbles & Falls as he celebrates sobriety

Mike Caussin marks an important milestone.

The 33-year-old former soccer player visited Instagram on Monday, December 28, to reflect on his battle against sex addiction and celebrate his sobriety.

“As an addict, I am very ashamed. Others who have a similar illness may relate to it,” he wrote in a post passed on to his wife Jana ChandlerAccount. “We rarely like to talk about it, let alone about it. But this Thursday I am celebrating the soberest year of my entire life.”

Mike admitted his journey wasn’t easy. “I’ve stumbled and fell on this program for the past four years, but this year has finally been different,” he added. “None of this was possible without finally allowing myself to lean on others, on my wife and on God.”

He also made it clear that his post was not seeking “attention, sympathy or congratulations”. “It is a contribution to express humility,” wrote Mike, “and to acknowledge that we do not have to go through life alone.”

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