Michael Blackson makes a proposal to his girlfriend and says he permits her for a month (video)

Comedian Michael Blackson is officially off the market.

Michael Blackson had a very public engagement on Thursday by asking his girlfriend Miss Rada the question during an appearance on The Breakfast Club.

The big surprise was almost ruined when Charlamagne Tha God revealed to Miss Rada that Michael is interested in marrying her.

“He said he will marry you. He said he wants to get married, Rada! ”Exclaimed Charlamagne after Rada was invited into the studio by Michael.

Michael tried to play it off and deny which Charlamagne was sad about, but Rada put that pressure on and revealed that this was not new information.

“You told me that the other day! Are you going back to it now? “Rada told Michael.

At that point Michael realized his place was blown and decided to just go ahead and ask the question. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Rada’s engagement ring before the cheers from the breakfast club crew encouraged him to get on one knee.

“Rada, I love you. Will you marry me? “Asked Michael. Rada, who fought back tears, said” yes “before shouting:” Bye Side, B **** it, yes! “

Check out the moment below:

Michael went on to explain his decision to ask Rada to marry him in a follow-up post that read, “Meet the future Mrs. Blackson” @mzradadarling. Ladies men are looking for loyalty, no matter what we do to you, stay true to your man because we are f ** k-ups but we will do the right thing at some point. Nothing good comes easily, so trust in God and what should happen will happen. I am blessed to have Rada by my side, she is the definition of a great woman. Most of my haters call her a gold digger, but believe me, Rada never asked me for a dime, she’s very independent and she’s the one who takes care of me and I’m allowed to have a side girl every month. Lol. “

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