Miami Seaside imposes curfew after two lethal shootings

Miami Beach A curfew will be imposed again on Sunday night after a violent and deadly spring break weekend that saw two people shot dead in separate incidents, as well as huge groups of rowdy crowds that flooded the streets.

in one Video message posted on sunday, Major Dan Gelber said the number of people and guns has created a “danger that cannot go unchecked.”

Miami Beach curfew imposed after two fatal shootings, influx of recalcitrant spring breakers

“We’re not asking for spring break in our city,” said Gelber. β€œWe don’t want spring break in our city. It’s too rowdy, it’s too messy, and it’s too difficult to control.”

The curfew began around midnight Monday and was lifted at 6 a.m., city officials said in a release.

Authorities are considering another curfew from Thursday through March 27. The restrictions are mostly focused on South Beach β€” a popular tourist destination for spring breakers.

Surveillance video of early morning filming on Ocean Drive and 11th Street in Miami, Florida.

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Under the curfew, all shops must be vacated by midnight.

Hotels are later allowed to work to serve their guests, but only restaurants can deliver.

The curfew does not apply to residents, emergency services, hotel guests and anyone else going to and/or from work.

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City commission to discuss further action amid yet another violent spring break

According to the Miami Heraldthose who do not meet the above criteria will be arrested.

The city commission is scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss further measures.

Much of the curfew comes from two separate but deadly shootings that happened within days.

Miami Beach police confirmed a man was fatally shot on Ocean Drive in South Beach around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Spring Break in Miami Beach has become a nightmare for the people who live in this area of ​​the city. This man was shot outside a restaurant on Ocean Drive. The video is graphic.

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Police officers are arresting suspects in this weekend’s deadly shootings, both of which were captured on shocking video

Cops in that shooting managed to hunt down a suspect, police said on Twitter.

The suspected shooter was identified as 24-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident Dontavious Leonard Polk, news outlets said, citing police reports.

Polk remained in custody Monday morning on a first-degree murder charge. CBS Miami reported.

He was walking on the sidewalk with three other men when he approached the victim and shot him, per NBC 6 South Florida.

The victim, whose name has not yet been released, fell to the ground as Polk shot him several more times before fleeing the scene.

Police say Dontavious Polk, 24, was spotted on surveillance video on Ocean Drive this morning turning and killing a man. He is charged with first-degree murder and is incarcerated in the Miami-Dade County Jail. @wsvn #SpringBreak

β€” Sheldon Fox-7 News (@fox_sheldon) March 20, 2023

However, the police were already in the area and managed to chase down Polk and take him away, where a gun and a shell casing were recovered.

A second person was wounded in that shooting but is said to be recovering, according to NBC 6. Another man died and another was injured after a separate shooting occurred two days earlier, scaring club and restaurant patrons.

According to the mayor, no residents of the city were involved in the deadly shooting

Authorities searched the scene for firearms and held one person in custody, but no further details were released as of Monday morning.

Mayor Gelber went on to say that none of those involved in the fatal shootings were city residents.

“In both cases, police were literally seconds from the incidents and arrests were made within minutes,” the mayor said. “Nevertheless, it is clear that even an unprecedented police presence could not prevent these incidents.”

The city also imposed a curfew last year following another series of shootings on Ocean Drive.

And in 2021, during another violent spring break, cops arrested more than 1,000 people while seizing dozens of guns.

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