Metropolis Ladies nearly missed their BET Awards 2021 as a result of a wardrobe malfunction

Angry! Roommates, if you enjoyed the City Girls’ performance at the BET Awards 2021, you may enjoy them a little more! During a meeting with DJ Carisma of Power 106 FM, the City Girls revealed that five minutes before they took the stage, Yung Miami had a serious cloakroom disorder!

This conversation started after DJ Carisma asked the City Girls to perform. One comment led to another, and JT began encouraging Yung Miami to share their BET performance nightmare story. However, JT, eager to tell the details, began to explain what had happened.

“We almost didn’t make it on stage, Caresha had a whole outfit … no, that’s not funny,” JT began to tell before interrupting herself to tell DJ Carisma that she was laughing.

“It was bad,” JT continued. “I cried. We almost missed the dishes because they had to sew them from the front.”

Yung Miami then steps in and says, “The back of my outfit pops up as if the microphones were supposed to be and we had five minutes.”

Yung Miami shared that the woman who took people on stage kept putting the press on her because the show was about to start.

“She tried to take me with her,” JT stepped in to say. “She may be okay, well, you have nothing to do, you can just come. I said no, I can’t leave her. “

The incident left both women feeling SKRESSED, even screaming and JT shedding some tears!

“Imagine if you were so frustrated before it’s time to move on, so right now it’s like I’m going back here, there are some cops *** here,” Yung shared with Miami. “I had that in the back of my mind. And I’m just like it’s always something, you know how the devil is always trying to find a way. “

Fortunately for the audience, the City Girls managed to get on stage just in time and perform their hit “Twerkulator”.

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