Masika Kalysha Tells Black Males Asking Black Ladies What They’re ‘Combined’ With Is Not A Praise

At a time where conversations about race relations and colorism have been frequent on social media, Masika Kalysha has a message for Black men about a “compliment” often heard in the Black community.

Masika took to her Twitter to speak her truth, speaking to a phrase that may at one time have been considered a compliment but what many feel now is a question that contributes to colorism within the community.

Speaking directly to Black men, Masika let the fellas know that asking a Black woman if she’s mixed is not as flattering as people probably think.

“Dear black men, when u see a black woman with curly hair and/or lighter skin ‘what r u mixed wit’ is not a compliment. It’s actually pretty fkn ignorant,” Masika tweeted.

Masika’s message is in line with the sentiments of those who feel a Black person doesn’t have to be mixed-race to be considered beautiful or exotic. It also speaks to similar sentiments that curly hair and lighter skin are features that aren’t necessarily exclusive to mixed-race people.

Masika’s tweet definitely sparked some debates on social media, with some agreeing with her and others, not so much.

“Lol for real or being told ‘[you’re] really pretty for a dark skin girl’ like definitely not a complement,” one person tweeted Masika.

“Fr stop asking me if I’m mixed because my skin color or hair texture. that’s implying black ppl aren’t capable of having these types of things & that’s untrue. It’s insulting & to answer the question I’m mixed with black & blacker,” another woman tweeted.

See what others had to say:

Because I said all Blk men in the world? Oh ok 🙄 don’t be a drama king

— Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) July 13, 2021

THIS!!!! 👏🏾

— Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) July 13, 2021


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