Lil Duval encourages celebs to maintain the identical power with avenue and mainstream artwork

It’s no secret that Lil Duval will tell it for what it is. The comedian has a certain charm for tearing apart topics on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. From relationships with women to politics and cultural habits, Lil Duval has no idea what his daily issues are. On Friday, the entertainer decided to use his platform to target industry peers who only support mainstream art.

The call out

Lil Duval put everyone who attended the “BMF” premiere of 50 Cent on Thursday in the spotlight. That list includes co-stars LaLa, Snoop Dogg, and Monica and Kandi Burruss, to name a few. Lil Duval was there herself and noticed a huge difference between the guest lists at the two similar events. He then went to Instagram to compare the premiere on Thursday night and the premiere of Boosie’s biopic “My Struggle”.

“Every celebrity you can imagine was at the BMF premiere,” wrote Lil Duval in an Instagram caption. “But at the premiere of @ hesbackagain2021 I only saw @qcmceo_p, @troublemmb and @iamdesibanks.”

The Joker name dropped Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas, rapper TrouBle and aspiring comedian Desi Banks. But Lil Duval didn’t stop there. Instead, he went on to explain what the support should look like.

“I’m just saying we have to support the streets as much as we support the mainstream stuff,” wrote Lil Duval. “Especially in the south. Because they really aren’t kidding us, they only deal with us. “

Boosies “My Struggle”

As you may already know, Boosie released an independent biopic on Friday, September 24th – the same day as Lil Duval’s explosion. The film shows the life story of the rapper from childhood to fame. It can be streamed on their own website for just $ 19.99. Fans can expect to see faces like Boosie playing himself, YFN Lucci, and Quando Rondo.

“From the very bottom straight into the pantheon of legendary rappers,” says the film description. “Boosie Badazz reminds us that the American Dream is alive and well. In this autobiographical feature film, we explore the people, places and parts of Boosie’s life that are most formative. Through the lens of the legendary Creator himself. We look through the veil and into the heart of a person; out of joint and unshakable in his pursuit of greatness. “

Lil Duval’s message was co-signed by TrouBle, who commented, “U da realest ON LORD Bruh !!” under his post. By Friday evening, the post had received over 91,000 likes on Instagram.

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