Lil Durk tweeted curiosity in shopping for Chicago’s ‘O Block’

If you’re a fan of Lil Durk and the late King of, you’ve most likely heard both of them rap about their upbringing at Chicago’s Parkway Gardens, aka “O Block”. O Block is known for being one of the largest and most infamous affordable apartment complexes in Chicago, and home to some of the greats we know today. In addition to Von and Durk, former first lady Michelle Obama also lived in the O. According to news reports from the Chicago Sun-Times, the complex is currently for sale and is looking for a new owner. Today Durk surprised fans by replying to a tweet from colleague Kidd’s blog and announcing that he hopes to become the new owner.

Colleague Kidd tweeted, “Chicago’s Parkway Gardens aka O Block is up for sale.” Durk replied, “I will buy it no matter how much it is.” O Block is a huge property that could make a difference in the low income neighborhood with the right owner. The neighborhood is also known for gun and gang violence and with Durk as a potential owner, he could have a positive impact on the area.

O Block currently has 694 apartments spread across nearly three dozen buildings. Additionally, the 13-acre complex extends from 63rd Street (the street Von always knocked on) to 65th Street, which runs between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Calumet Avenue is located.

The Affordable Housing Advisors do not have a price and there is no word yet whether Durk has contacted them to complete the purchase. We love to see rappers buy back their block!

Roommate, we’ll keep you informed if Durk releases more information!

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