Let’s give Nicole Kidman’s The Undoing Coats all awards

Equal parts fashion and function, outerwear proved to be an integral part of Kidman’s character. After all, she was a working woman traveling in the snow-covered Big Apple. Also, there was the suspicious spot where Grace liked to go for a walk … which happened to pass by her husband’s studio the night she was beaten to death.

“I was on one of my walks,” Grace told her husband’s attorney, Haley Fitzgerald (Or praise). “That’s how I grounded myself – I’m going.” Anyway, the internet was glad she did because she took her steps while wearing the passed out outerwear that will live on in the annals of the 2020 fashion moments.

With the 2021 Golden Globes approaching, The Undoing has not been lacking in recognition. Despite being nominated in four categories including Best Limited Series or TV Movie, it only seems right that the coats should come due too.

Unfortunately, the Golden Globes don’t have a costume category, so this photo homage must be enough. All you have to do is channel your best Upper East Side psychologist and scroll away.

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