Lauren Burnham says the “darkness” of miscarriage affected her being pregnant

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are expecting a baby

Bachelor Nation alum Lauren Burnham opened in a vulnerable Instagram post about how her previous miscarriage affected her current pregnancy.

In the caption of a topless maternity photo that revealed her baby bump, Lauren sharing a 2-year-old daughter Alessi With her husband Aria Luyendyk –wrote how her new pregnancy is very different from her previous experiences.

“This time it was different to say the least,” wrote the 29-year-old. “The darkness that surrounds a loss is something that is not easy to forget. The months of grief, the months of hope until now, moments of worry. Even in the midst of something as beautiful as new life, that darkness finds its way around reminding me that it actually existed. It tarnishes the blissful ignorance that I joyfully experienced the first time. “

She continued, “After all, I am proud of this body and what we endured together. I am proud of my second and third babies for growing so well and grateful for all the memories they tell me : “‘Mom, we are okay’. I’m proud of my journey through the dark, because without it the light I see now wouldn’t be quite as bright. “

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