Lauren Boebert will attempt to save Trump with Biden’s impeachment vote

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said she will force the House of Representatives to vote on impeachment of Biden whether Republicans want it or not.


Boebert said on Newsmax:

This man is incapable of chairing a press conference, let alone being President of the United States, the largest country in the world. I did not institute these impeachment procedures for personal reasons or even political popularity. I instituted impeachment procedures on behalf of the American people. And if there are congressmen in the Republican conference who don’t want to bring this up and want to debate it in committee, then I will arrange for a privileged resolution to have its say and force congressmen to vote on those charges. I’m tired of waiting around. Across the country, Americans are screaming that we must do something.

They are fed up with just holding hearings and investigations and just talking and saying on TV what they want to do or will do and that’s why I made sure I wrote these impeachment hearings the way I could for you invite them to vote at any time. So I want to see if they raise them in committee. And if not, then we’re going to get that through in the House of Representatives and really enable Congressmen to say, do you think this man should stay in office now or not? Of course, we don’t mind that he would be the candidate President Trump would be running against if he wins the primary. I believe he’s going to wish President Trump a happy birthday, and you know, we don’t mind if that’s his opponent, but that man shouldn’t be in office.

There is no chance Biden will be indicted. There are dozens of Republicans in the House who have absolutely no interest in impeaching Biden. If Boebert brings their impeachment proceedings to the fore with a privileged resolution, they will fail immediately,

Rep. Boebert is trying to distract from the fact that Donald Trump faces a federal trial on 37 felonies. The desperation of MAGA congressmen like Boebert only grows as the trial date against Trump approaches.

Lauren Boebert is a true believer, so she probably genuinely believes Trump will beat Biden, but just in case, she’s trying to impeach Biden to help Trump in 2024.

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