Keyshia Cole explains that she is retiring from music for her youngsters

Keyshia Cole

Many were surprised when Keyshia Cole announced on Twitter that she was retiring from music after responding to a fan about her latest single, “I Don’t Want To Be In Love,” and making her way into the charts. Another fan said Keyshia lied and Keyshia denied this, making it clear that she is leaving the music industry.

The Grammy-nominated singer has been a force since she released her debut album ‘The Way It Is’ in 2005, which is RIAA certified platinum. Keyshia had her own reality show and has won tons of awards. Many wonder why she wants to retire so soon. Keyshia stated in a tweet that she had decided to leave because of her children, her boys Daniel Jr. and Tobias. TSR reached out to Keyshia directly to find out why they chose to make such a big announcement.

Keyshia said, “Whenever album 8 is released, it will be my last. I will focus on my boys and be a mom in attendance. Instead of always being away. “She also indicated that in the future she could move to a place that would be somewhere on the water. We asked Keyshia if the plan was always to retire or if this was a new decision and she said it was planned. “It was my plan from the start,” said Keyshia. “I wanted to get out of the hood, create a better life for myself so I can take care of her when I have kids. I’ve done a lot and I’m proud of my achievements. It is now expiring. “

Keyshia doesn’t have a set date for the release date of her last album, but we’ll be waiting and can’t wait to see what she does next.

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