Kevin McCarthy’s risk to telecommunications corporations smells like prison obstruction of justice

According to Norm Eisen, the threat by minority leader Kevin McCarthy not to surrender telecommunications companies meets the elements of obstruction of justice.

Kevin McCarthy may be criminally attempting to block his phone records from being published.

Video by Norm Eisen on CNN’s New Day:

On #NewDay @NormEisen says McCarthy’s threat to telecommunications companies meets the elements of obstruction of justice: “It meets the elements of disability. It is a threat. It is an attempt to use that threat to discourage them from releasing documents. ”

Eisen said when asked about the potential crime of McCarthy’s New Day threat from CNN:

It hits the Elements of disability. It’s a threat. It’s an attempt to stop them by this threat of turning around about documents. It is self motivated. It’s corrupt and McCarthy is concerned about what might be inside these records about him and on Members of his group. It’s always a challenge when you exercise legislative activity and Notice he did this on his official Twitter account. You have protection under that Constitution for legislators, the speech and debate clause. There will be a debate about it the.

But the ethics of the house rule, rule 23 forbids any behavior that discredits the house. What could be more discredited as a company to threaten that if they obey the law they will be punished if McCarthy has the ability to do the. So, I think there is a serious one Ethical question and then legal Issues That May Be Required can also be explored.

Eisen is right. There is debate as to whether or not attempting to obstruct the judiciary is part of McCarthy’s official legislative duties since he posted the threat on his Twitter account, but it is not part of Congress’ job to threaten phone companies with incriminating threats To hide evidence.

McCarthy stumbled upon Trump’s crime path, but the House minority leader lacks blanket immunity from prosecution, unlike Trump.

Kevin McCarthy is so desperate to hide his phone records that he is ready to break the law to protect himself and Trump.

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