Kelly Osbourne says she is relapsing after virtually four years of sobriety

Kelly Osbourne is committed to honesty in the midst of their sobriety battles

After almost four years of sobriety, the 36-year-old TV personality and daughter of Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne publicly shared that she was relapsing. In an Instagram Story video shared on Monday April 19, Kelly told fans, “It’s a little difficult for me to talk about, but I’ve always promised you I’ll always be honest with you will be where I am and where I am What’s going on on my way to recovery? “

“I fell behind,” she explained. “Not proud of it, but I’m back on track.”

Kelly reassured her followers, repeating, “I’m sober today and I’ll be sober tomorrow, but I’ve learned that it really is only one day at a time.” Before signing out, she again promised to be honest in the midst of her personal struggle. “I just wanted to tell you the truth because I never want to lie to you,” she said. “Thank you so much for your support and love and you will hear from me soon.”

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