Karl-Anthony Cities defends good friend Jordyn Woods towards individuals who doubt their pure physique transformation

Karl-Anthony Towns comes for all of the people who had something to say about his girlfriend Jordyn Woods who recently shared her body transformation to promote her new fitness app.

Jordyn has been heavily criticized for sharing before and after pictures of her body to show her fitness journey while challenging others to exercise with her new FRSTPLACE app.

While some applauded Jordyn’s body transformation, others accused her of having surgery to change / improve her body and cheating people into paying for a program that she wasn’t really benefiting from.

“Jordyn Woods, who starts a fitness app and pretends she hasn’t had an operation, sends me. The BBL girls are so out of joint, ”tweeted one person.

“Not that Jordyn Woods is lying about her transformation just to sell her fitness app,” tweeted another.

Well, Karl-Anthony Towns got wind of what people were saying and decided to get them together quickly to talk about his wife while they defend what he says was hard work on Jordyn’s side.

“Are we saying women can’t work hard and transform their bodies?” KAT tweeted. “I’ve SEEN the hard work and seen the results and trust myself, it’s all natural.”

“Since she was 10 years old, people started calling this woman hideous things because of her weight, and instead of letting the internet rule her life, she went to do the damn job and change her whole life. FITNESS SAVED YOUR LIFE! “

He added that he will not condescend to the trolls’ level and react with hatred.

“So for these people. I pray and hope that you will find the attention, but more importantly, the love you long for so much, ”Karl tweeted before turning to his lady. “And for you the only real @jordynwoods, I love you baby. Every day you make me so proud to call you my girl, my queen, my rock, my everything. “

He said what he said!

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